Health and Safety


Introduction to Health and Safety Team

Our primary aim is to help reduce the levels of accidents and occupational ill-health across CYC – for employees and those affected by our work activities (including customers, pupils, contractors etc).

We want to ensure that risks are managed sensibly and proportionately by CYC managers – and our team provides guidance and support across a wide range of H&S issues to CYC employees.

The CYC Safety Management System (SMS) exists to help managers and their teams to achieve these aims. The SMS sets out the minimum expected standard for managers to follow, and contains policy documents, compliance notes (more detailed information on topics ranging from Asbestos to Workplace Transport), forms and tools. read more



This publication summarises all the services that the LA either provides or arranges to support York schools for 2014/15.  It reflects our ongoing commitment to high quality and cost-effectiveness, focusing on the needs of schools.  It aims to provide headteachers and governing bodies with relevant information, to enable them to consider how they wish to meet their statutory responsibilities to deliver high quality teaching and learning to their pupils, and to clarify what services are provided centrally by the LA on a strategic basis.  We are committed to supporting strategies for school improvement and to making our schools more effective and more efficient. read more

York Challenge


Achieving and sustaining excellence

Context and vision

Our vision is that we will make York ‘the best place in Britain in which to grow up’. The York Challenge is a partnership between all those who seek more for York’s children and young people. York’s future depends more than ever on its education system. Just as York is determined to be a world leader in other areas, so, through the York Education Partnership, York can deliver excellence in education, an internationally recognised city for education and skills.

To achieve our vision of excellence in education we need work together to ensure that: read more

Curriculum support


The Governor Support and Development Service offers support and advice to all City of York school governors.  The service supports the processes of effective governance by providing guidance on a wide range of relevant matters and by providing experienced staff to respond to individual and governing body needs.

This site offers a range of materials for governors, from a policy bank and guidance notes, to information about our clerking service and a programme of free training sessions. It also offers information for those interested in becoming school governors, and for those who are new to governance. read more

YorOK! Strategy


Find out more about the YorOK Workforce and the strategies and supporting resources relating to children, young people and families, including Dream Again, the Children & Young People’s Plan.

Assistance with School Uniform

Low income families in receipt of some income-related benefits such as Income Support may be entitled to assistance with the costs of school uniform for children at secondary school in years 7-10.  You can apply by completing an Educational Benefits Form which in addition, can be used to apply for free school meals. This also allows your child’s school to claim additional funds through the Pupil Premium.

If eligible you will receive a voucher for each entitled child in June of each year. read more

Special Educational Needs

Special educational needs (SEN) can be any learning difficulty which calls for special educational provision to be made. Children might have a learning difficulty if they:

  • have significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of children their age,
  • have a disability which hinders them from using the schools generally provided for children in the area,
  • are under school age and fall within either of the definitions above, or would do so if special provisions were not made for them.

If you think that your child has special educational needs you should contact us or your child’s school for an assessment of special educational needs.

We have a duty to enable pupils with special educational needs to:

  • reach their full potential,
  • be included fully in their school communities, and
  • make a successful transition to adulthood.

Some pupils will require additional help from special educational needs services or other agencies. A very small minority of children will have special educational needs of a severity or complexity that we will determine and arrange the special provisions they need. read more

School Term Dates

The following dates apply to all City of York Council schools.

Autumn term 2013fromto
1st half of termMon 2 SeptFri 25 Oct
Half-term holidayMon 28 OctFri 1 Nov
2nd half of termMon 4 NovFri 20 Dec
Spring term 2014fromto
1st half of termMon 6 JanFri 14 Feb
Half-term holidayMon 17 FebFri 21 Feb
2nd half of termMon 24 FebFri 4 Apr
Summer term 2014fromto
1st half of termTu 22 AprFri 23 May
Half-term holidayMon 26 MayFri 30 May
2nd half of termMon 2 JuneTu 22 July

A PDF document with these dates is available to download here.

School Services

The School Services team offers a wide range of services to support both parents and pupils, including Educational Benefits such as Free School Meals, Home to School Transport, and Child Employment and Performance Licensing. We provide parents, pupils and schools with help and advice in related areas such as truancy, exclusions, appeals, home education and behaviour support.

We also provide the School Admissons service. Information on this service can be viewed here.

You will find pages on our services through the links on the left hand side of this page (click here to refresh if you have navigated to this page). As we continue to build and improve our website we are interested in any comments you may have by rating our pages. If there is something missing from our website, please contact us to let us know. Our contact details are available on the right hand side of this page or complete this short survey here. read more