This publication summarises all the services that the LA either provides or arranges to support York schools for 2014/15.  It reflects our ongoing commitment to high quality and cost-effectiveness, focusing on the needs of schools.  It aims to provide headteachers and governing bodies with relevant information, to enable them to consider how they wish to meet their statutory responsibilities to deliver high quality teaching and learning to their pupils, and to clarify what services are provided centrally by the LA on a strategic basis.  We are committed to supporting strategies for school improvement and to making our schools more effective and more efficient.

We aim to provide the best services available to schools, often developed in consultation with schools and the Schools’ Forum in order to respond to perceived need and demand.  Services are listed, for ease of reference, according to the different service arms in which they are located.

Many of the services are provided as a statutory function of the LA and are not charged for.  Some of the services in this book are delegated to schools and may be “bought back” using delegated resources.  The costs of providing these services are stated wherever possible.  For some services, schools will have received separate notification regarding prices for 2014/15.  Some services may require further discussion between individual schools and service managers.

We appreciate your feedback on our services, particularly when our services fail to meet the high standards we have set for everything we do.  In this way, we will be able to improve and develop the services available to schools.  We hope that you will find this book a useful reference point.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the appropriate service manager.

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